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Pros & Cons Of Plantation Shutters

Pros & Cons Of Plantation Shutters

At Magnolia Blinds & More, Inc., we like to look at ourselves as the experts in the world of window treatments, including blinds, shutters, custom draperies, and much more. In fact, we don’t just offer our services and products, but also offer our expertise as well. As a professional Hattiesburg blinds and shutters company, our goal is to ensure that our customers are made aware of everything there is to know about window treatments here in Hattiesburg. That is why we’ve pulled together these helpful resources that provide guidance on the most common questions and concerns that homeowners have in regard to their window shutters. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of plantation shutters.


One of the biggest pros of plantation shutters is that they are easy to customize, no matter your style or preference. For people who want a type of shutter that can be easily cut to their desired measurements and customized to suit their homes, these are the best options.

Plantation shutters are also recognized for improving homes’ energy efficiency. They can keep out the light from the sun, reduce internal temperatures, and even lower your electric bill. In addition to this, keeping the sun out of your home can reduce the chances of your flooring, artwork, and upholstery being damaged or bleached.

Finally, plantation shutters are usually the default type of shutters left on a home when the owner sells, meaning that they can be factored into the price of the home. Having well-maintained shutters can be a huge value booster when it comes time to sell your home.


While plantation shutters come with many amazing pros, there are also some downsides to consider. Because they are custom-built to your home's window measurements, they might come with a higher price tag compared to other window treatments. You also need to know that they require regular cleaning and maintenance due to their exposure to the elements. If you want your home to look its best, you’ll have to pay special attention to your shutters. Lastly, shutters might need to be constantly adjusted depending on the effect of weather and usage. This isn’t a very difficult task but doing it so often can be quite frustrating for some homeowners.

Still undecided on whether or not plantation shutters are right for you? All you have to do is give Magnolia Blinds & More, Inc. a call so we can walk you through the details!

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