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How To Choose Modern Window Treatments For Patio Doors

How To Choose Modern Window Treatments For Patio Doors

Patio doors can be a little difficult to dress with shutters, shades, or blinds, so many people just leave them as they are. But they soon find out that no privacy can be a problem. So, should you go with mini-blinds to just keep it simple or are there other window treatments that might work better?

These are the types of questions our Hattiesburg window treatment company answers for clients every day. Take a look at some suggestions we put together for you that will add privacy and style to your patio doors.

French Doors – Patio Doors

Window treatments that clack around when you open French doors are annoying and they get damaged more easily. Make sure to anchor them to the bottom of the doors to avoid this problem.

Blinds, shutters, and shades can be installed on French doors but only if they are custom made. The window treatment company will carefully measure to ensure the cut-outs for the door handles are located in the right spot.

Sliding Glass Doors – Patio Doors

You don't have to go with the same old sliding glass door insulated thermal drapes today. There are many beautiful modern window treatments available for sliding glass doors!

Vertical Blinds – Vertical blinds of today don't just come in the same boring styles. Keep looking at custom blinds rather than those same ones they always sell at the department store.

Sliding Blind Panels - Sliding panels are a modern style of vertical blinds with wider panels (to very wide panels) that slide a little differently than traditional vertical blinds, they fold over on top of themselves rather than each panel rotating first. They give you a crisp, modern look.

Drapery Sheers – Drapery sheers always make a great window treatment for sliding doors. Today, you find them in the most modern light-diffusing designer colors that look amazing.

Large Fixed Glass Areas

Large fixed glass areas located next to or near the patio door are very easy to dress with window treatments. You can choose just about any type of shutters, blinds, shades, or drapes you want.

Roller Shades – Choose roller shades for the most privacy and consider honeycomb shades to block the most heat. They are offered in fabrics from sheer to thick to control privacy, light, etc.

Shutters – Large fixed glass areas are difficult to fit with standard shutters, so you will need to choose custom shutters. Shutters let you choose how much privacy and light you want at any time of the day and the wood is a natural insulator.

Panel Tracks & Motorized Window Treatments

Patio doors are usually more exposed to the outdoors than other parts of a home, so you want window treatments that are quick and easy to open and close. Window treatment companies like us can install motorized technology for just about any type of blind, shade, drape, or shutter. The motorized sliding track systems we install come with a hand-held remote control so you never have to operate your window treatments manually.

If you are looking for a window treatment company for your patio doors in Hattiesburg or the surrounding areas, please call Magnolia Blinds & More at 601-544-7470 or complete our online request form.