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Where To Find Norman Shutters In Hattiesburg

Where To Find Norman Shutters In Hattiesburg

If you are looking for a beautiful shutter for your Hattiesburg home or office, Norman Shutters are a top choice. Norman Window Fashions makes quality shutters in many beautiful styles and materials both in real handcrafted wood and composite materials.


This is why Magnolia Blinds & More chooses to offer Norman Window Fashions products in Hattiesburg. You can't beat the quality construction and the long-lasting gorgeous finish. Plus, we can bring them to customers at great prices because we are direct dealers of some of the best window treatments around.

Dressing your windows should be easy and fun. We bring a design consultation to your location which is an easy and exciting way to choose your new Norman Shutters. If you are looking for beautiful shutters for your Hattiesburg home or office, Norman Shutters are a top choice. Norman Window Fashions makes quality shutters for our climate. Magnolia Blinds & More offers these quality made shutters at great prices in Hattiesburg.

If you are interested in seeing samples of the Normandy® Shutters, give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

All Wood Shutters

Norman® shutters are made with quality construction. Each shutter is handcrafted with the finest materials just for you. The mortise and tenon joints are designed to be durable and strong.

The wood is manufactured with quarter-sawn wood for strength and an exceptional drying technique which mimics conditions in the environment where installed. Shrinking and swelling after installation in minimized with this trademarked drying technique.

There is a reinforced engineered stile for strength and durability. The stile is the support system for the shutter. Layers of wood are bonded together in a special process to add strength at the core of the stile.

Norman® shutters are coated with a patented polypropylene finish. The finish is superior to traditional paint and makes the surface resistant to cracking and shipping. It also makes them easier to clean and maintain.

Gorgeous Normandy® Wood Shutters

Normandy® shutters offer a fine grain finish that is simply beautiful. Every surface is carefully sanded in several sequences using finer sandpaper until the wood is ready for the finish.

Normandy® shutters can be painted or stained. When stained, the wood grain is enhanced and distinctive with deep character inherent of the timber. Painted finishes gleam softly as the polished surface reflects the light.

Whether the shutters will be painted or stained is up to you. What's your style? Warm and rustic? Traditional? Sleek and contemporary? Normandy® shutters look great no matter what you choose.

Norman makes other shutter types and styles for your home or business as well. All are custom fit and constructed to meet your particular window dressing needs. Here are a few of the other options.

Norman Sussex® Shutters

If you are looking for real hardwood shutters, the Sussex® Shutters should be at the top of your consideration list. They are constructed old world style to enhance the beauty of the wood grain. The shutter stiles are reinforced for added strength and durability.

Norman Woodbury® Shutters

If you've been looking at shutters for your Hattiesburg home or office, consider Woodbury® Shutters. They could be just what you are looking for. They are a very well-constructed waterproof shutter from a world renowned manufacturer, Norman Window Fashions.

Norman Woodlore® Shutters

This is one of the finest engineered wood shutters you can find. Norman Woodlore® Shutters offer exceptional appearance with low impact to the environment. The wood fiber comes from quick growing tree species and is bonded together in a non-toxic polymer under high heat and pressure.

Exceptional Customer Service From Our Hattiesburg Blind & Shutter Company

When you let us help you find the perfect shutters for your windows, you'll find the design consultation to be exceptionally helpful. We are skilled designers who help you enhance the architecture and decorative style of the space we are working with.

You have all the guidance you need with step by step assistance. During your consultation, we expertly measure the windows that need to be fitted with shutters. We can fit odd shaped and sized windows too because Normandy® Shutters are made just for you.

Our experts will install the shutters for you. All you'll need to do is relax, have fun, and let us know all your questions, opinions, and concerns.

If you are interested in an estimate for Norman Shutters in Hattiesburg or the surrounding areas, please call Magnolia Blinds & More at (601) 544-7470 or complete our online request form.

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